Ipswich to Shotley

Ipswich to Shotley Day Nine Some days the wheels fall off. Your feet ache and it spreads to your calves which set off the hips and the old back ache […]

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Beach of Dreams flag installation Lowestoft

Flag Installation

There are only two more opportunities to see all 500 flags together in the special Beach of Dreams installation – this is one of them!

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Mile 98 by Jamie Limond

Sutton Hoo to Bawdsey

  Sutton Hoo to Bawdsey Day Seven Some days there is something in the air. In Borneo, when the hunters set out and see a snake eagle in their path, […]

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Mile 41 by Arabella Marshall

Halesworth to Aldeburgh

  Halesworth to Aldeburgh Day 3 Deep in the reed beds of Walberswick marshes a bird is calling vociferously, but I can’t see it. This is a world where you […]

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Little tern egg credit Kevin Rushby

Beach of Dreams Begins

It sits at my feet, a marvel of fragility and camouflage. Just over an inch long and carefully mottled in greys and black on a faintly bluish background.

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