Beach of Dreams

A collaborative 500 mile walk from Lowestoft to Tilbury

Get involved, select a mile and share your dream!

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Beach of Dreams is an epic journey to discover the hidden gems of the East Coast of England, inviting collaboration from communities and artists along the way in Suffolk, Essex, Southend, and Thurrock.


Kinetika’s Artistic Director, Ali Pretty, and writer Kevin Rushby are walking the entire route, joined by artists, writers, scientists, and local residents.  Together, guided by strong environmental themes and the challenges of our current time, they will consider the question “How can we creatively reimagine our future?”

You are invited to choose a mile along the route that means something to you, submit an image of the landscape, a drawing and a few words about your connection to it and your dream for its future.  

All words and photos sent in will contribute to a new digital story map of the coastal path, reflecting and recording the narrative of the walk as it unfolds.

Images submitted by 9th April 2021 will be used as inspiration for the design of 500 silk pennants illustrating the beautiful coastal landscape and its challenges.  These pennants will be hand painted using natural dyes by the Kinetika Design Studio and form spectacular installations during the journey.


Choose one mile of the walk near to you, or one that you have a deep connection with, then reserve it online.

Find the walk maps on our website to find your one-mile marker, then click the marker to reveal a booking link.  Find the walk maps on the walk pages.

Beach of Dreams Walks


Walk your mile and take two photographs to show the area: one wide shot and one detail shot. The wide shot should show a view that gives context of where you are.

The close up photo will be used as inspiration for a silk pennant made by Kinetika Design Studio, unique to that one mile stretch.

Images for silks should be submitted before 9th April and photos sent in will be added to your map pin.


Need some inspiration?
Look at the ground beneath your feet and at the landscape and seascape you are walking in. What can you see? Sea, coast, sand, pebbles, rocks, shells, flora and fauna, meeting of land and sea, dunes, boats, seaside furniture, facades, seating, coastal structures, piers, posts, graffiti, sheds, huts, buoys, ropes, floats, nets, baskets, birds.

Take a close-up photograph What intrigues you? What do you see? Patterns, textures, markings, colours, shapes, lines, light and dark, shadows, reflections, distortions, movement, scattering, overlapping, harmony and discord, erosion and decay.



In 300 words or fewer, describe:

• What drew you to this particular square foot of the beach/land? Describe what you see.
• What connects you to this mile, who do you share it with? What are your memories?
• What are your dreams for this place? Imagine what would you like it to be for your great, great, great grandchildren in circa 2100.
• Give your writing a title.
• Submit your words (you are sent an upload link when you book your mile), and they will be added to the map.


• Print out your photo
• Using a pencil make a tracing of the lines, patterns, textures, marks, that you see.
• Go over it in a thick marker pen, abstracting, simplifying, exaggerating the pattern.
• Photograph or scan your drawing.
• Submit your design by 9th April (you are sent an upload link when you book your mile) and it will be used as inspiration for the special silk pennant being created to represent your mile.

Zoom sessions led by the artists and artistic director Ali Pretty will be available to demonstrate this process.

Meeting links will be shared with everyone who has selected a mile of the walk, and registered their details via the website.



Everyone taking part will be emailed a link to an online form where all images and words should be submitted. Please use this method if you can, so we can keep track of the entries more easily.

A reminder of what to send:
• Two colour photos – one of your mile, one close-up.
• Three short paragraphs. Your description of place. Your memories. Your dreams.
• (Optional) Your finished black and white line drawing.


After checking and reformatting we will transfer them onto the big Beach of Dreams map.

We will transform your image onto
silk, choosing a shade of natural dye suggested by your photo.


We invite you to carry your dream
– as a silk pennant, walking with us on your mile during the journey.

Nearer the walk dates we will publish more information regarding walk logistics.

Each day of the walking route has its own page on this website, and those pages are where the most up to date information will be for each day.

Beach of Dreams Walks


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