How is Beach of Dreams Covid-Safe?


Kinetika is experienced at delivering participation and walking activities safely, having delivered similar programmes during 2020.

Beach of Dreams has been designed to work outdoors, and within Government regulations imposed to limit the spread of Covid19.

The first stage of the project encourages members of the public to join in by walking their stretch of the route, taking photos and writing a few words about it and sharing them with the project. Walking is allowed under existing lockdown restrictions and can be done safely as individuals or in household groups.

Creative content such as images or words are submitted digitally.  Some drawings might need to be submitted on paper, which would be quarantined for a few days before use.

The batik and dye process to make the silks is usually open for participation.  However, to adhere to social distancing guidelines,  the number of people that can work in the studio at any one time is strictly controlled.  The progress of the silks will be shared on social media instead, and we look forward to opening the studio for wider participation in the future.

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Beach of Dreams locations

Project Delivery

500 mile walk: The entire journey is outdoors, ensuring adequate ventilation.  Where pinch points are encountered along the route, social distancing will be maintained easily by allowing the group of walkers to spread out.

Walks have a person nominated to be a ‘back marker’ who walks very last to ensure no-one is left behind, even if the group spreads out.

Pre-booking is essential to take part, each activity must be booked separately.  This allows us to keep a close eye on expected numbers and easily communicate any instructions or changes.


Places on the walks are strictly limited. The number of people per walk will vary depending on the length of the route that day.  Some walkers will complete the entire route for that day, but many will just join for their mile. This information is being gathered as people book their mile and will be confirmed nearer the time to ensure accuracy.

Walk guidelines/ what to bring

Walk Guidelines

This might be updated depending on prevailing Government guidelines, but along with the usual advice about sturdy footwear there are reminders about not attending if ill and to bring a face covering; essential if using public transport, public toilets or entering shops for example.

Walkers are encouraged to bring their own food and drink on the walk to reduce the need to enter shops on the way. Hand sanitiser will be available from the walk leader on the day if required.

All walkers must confirm they agree to our Covid-19 walk guidelines.

Working closely with partners – Where Beach of Dreams joins up with local delivery from partners along the route eg Lowestoft, Harwich, Grays, Tilbury, the project team will work closely with delivery partners in those areas to ensure a coherent approach to covid risk management.

Sanitised kit: All items  that are handled by more than one person, such as flag poles, are cleaned before and after touching.

First Aid: If first aid is required to be administered at any point, first aiders will wear PPE as necessary.

Beach of Dreams key locations

Change the plan if necessary: The current Government roadmap sets out that restrictions will be eased in June/August 2021, but that this might change.  Should a change in expected delivery conditions occur, then so would our plan, and we would communicate any changes clearly in advance.

Please see the project pages for further information.

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