Glenn O’Halloran: NHS or Care Worker, Milton Keynes

Hi, I’m Glenn,

I work within hospitals and clinical settings in Milton Keynes to give those who need to be heard a voice.  I work with the disadvantaged, people detained under the Mental Health Act; people without capacity (dementia, LD, etc) who believe that they are not being listened to. What inspires me is helping others; I firmly believe that everyone in my community deserves to have a voice, regardless of their situation – I believe in everyone’s potential.

Individuals will contact me directly for support or they will be referred to me by other professionals when life-changing decisions need to be made. I use existing legislation to give people their rights, whether they are in a hospital or in a care setting. I have helped countless people over the past 15-years, it is considered a vital role for the people in Milton Keynes.

During the pandemic, I doubled my efforts to ensure that people knew about the advocacy available. I increased referrals and contacts by opening new avenues of communication via using the internet, as well as speaking on the phone rather than the usual face-to-face contact. Faith in humanity keeps me going, as well as my love for cycling to the hospitals to see my clients.

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