Nana Oguntola: Education, Milton Keynes

Hi, I’m Nana,

I started founded Junior Filmmakers seven years ago as something to do to fill the time whilst I made films. Working here gave me the opportunity to merge the two things that I enjoy: making films and working with young people. Junior Filmmakers, based in Newport Pagnell, teaches young people how to make films and helping them to learn this skill is really fulfilling. Not only do I help to give them these skills, but we also address social issues, such as peer pressure, knife crime and heritage projects. Young people can explore their own thoughts and ideas on certain issues, learn new things and become storytellers and ambassadors, at the same time as educating and empowering themselves and each other.

Junior Filmmakers also run clubs in schools around Milton Keynes, London, Aylesbury and North West Chilterns where everyone can benefit from the film projects that are produced.  The knife crime film project is now being distributed to all schools in Milton Keynes as it aims to educate and reduce the incidents of knife crime among young people.

During the COVID pandemic, we had to close as we could no longer meet in person.  However, towards the end, we started to run training sessions online, although we had to meet face-to-face to film. The pandemic has taught us to be comfortable running online training sessions for those who can’t attend film club in person, which gives us more opportunities for the future.

What motivates me and keeps me doing what I love is this: ‘I understand that this is bigger than me, and yet, it is what I am here to do, as I am irrevocably drawn to it.’

Nana with students at Junior Filmmakers and their certifications

Nana Oguntola, CEO of Junior Filmmakers

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