About Kinetika

is an internationally renowned female-led company with a 25-year track record of combining world-class bespoke designs on large-scale hand-painted silks with community projects to produce spectacular outdoor events that engage diverse audiences wherever we work. Founded by artist Ali Pretty in 1997, inspired by her training in carnival arts in Trinidad and India, Kinetika now has an unrivalled reputation for working with local communities on projects that change the way people feel about where they live. Based in Purfleet since 2014, Kinetika delivers activity both at ‘home’ in Thurrock and ‘away’ across the UK and abroad.

Kinetika’s vision is ‘Design that Moves: World class silk-based design and artistic engagement that moves communities to make better places wherever they are’. Our mission is to co-curate world-class silk-based design projects with communities that foster social action transforming places for the better. We are committed to fostering creativity and artistic expression while recognising our responsibility to the environment. Learn more about our environmental impact.

Kinetika Design Studio – our commercial arm has been commissioned to design and create bespoke silks for ceremonies forming part of high profile events including the Atlanta Olympics 1996, FIFA World Cup Ceremonies 2009, the Closing Ceremony of the Paralympics for London 2012, the Milan Expo and The Royal Opera House Deloitte Festival in 2015, The Platinum Jubilee Pageant 2022.
Commercial Portfolio

Kinetika People – our charitable arm is known for its high-quality engagement work around place-making. We run outdoor participatory programmes, annual walking arts festival, T100, school workshops and artist training schemes.  We aim to nurture emerging artistic talent, engage communities, and raise aspirations wherever we work, creating a new sense of place and possibility for all those who live there.
Kinetika’s Project Work

Our Values



We are genuine, investing time to build foundations of trust within communities underpinning all that we do together.




We are driven to change lives, making this happen by openly sharing innovative models of social action to transform England’s cultural ecology




We believe in people power, magnifying our impact by moving people through design to build new creative communities. 




We value the collective power of individuality, energising and enriching our work by bringing diverse backgrounds and cultures together.




We are agents of positive change, always striving to ensure that our communities and environment are better tomorrow than it is today.