Bespoke silk, hand-dyed to order

Further information can be found in the custom silk brochure.

Custom silk brochure

Kinetika are specialists in silk with years of experience in creating large-scale, made to order, hand-dyed commissions at our studio near London.

Silk gives an unparalleled lustre and shine, while hand painting allows for multi-layered applications of dye to get the correct depth and richness of colour.  We believe there is no other process that allows such flexibility of design, vibrancy of colour and immediacy of working.

Our designers create original designs to a brief, or by licensing from a pattern archive.  We are experienced at working with clients to realise their own bespoke design, taking it from concept to completion.  We can provide concept sketches, guidance on the hand dying process and what looks good at scale.

Our hand painted silks have been displayed worldwide and have graced the pitches of the FIFA Club World Cup© opening ceremony as well as high profile venues like the Royal Opera House.

Kinetika can also digitally reproduce designs on silk and has a limited-edition range of scarves and pocket squares available to purchase.

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Custom silk brochure from Kinetika


Case Study: Royal Opera House Silks

The Royal Opera House in London commissioned a set of 12 large hand painted silk banners illustrating their rich history.

After visiting their archive and agreeing on the most important images to be included, a series of designs was created by Kinetika’s Artistic Director.

After client approval, the designs were carefully hand painted by our team of artists to the correct scale. After fixing the dye, the silks were flame retarded and then hemmed and finished to the specification for hanging and were first displayed in the Paul Hamlyn Hall in Covent Garden for the Deloitte Ignite Festival.

Hand painting onto silk gave the designs a vibrancy that is difficult to replicate any other way and was the perfect match for telling the story of this great arts institution.

See more images on the portfolio page.

ROH silks in progress

Royal Opera House hand painted silks