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Flags on a beach, held by poles in the sand with the tide coming in

Beach of Dreams extends to Scotland for COP26

Beach of Dreams will join the Pilgrimage for COP26 from Edinburgh to Glasgow and you can be involved too!

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Beach of Dreams natural dyes

48 Shades of Sand

Creating the colours of the East Coast with natural dyes   Hand-painted silks are a defining feature of Kinetika’s transformational […]

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Horses on the edge of Tilbury credit Kevin Rushby

Grays to Tilbury Fort

Day Thirty-Five. The last day's march is something of a procession: five miles through Tilbury to the fort where

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Steve on the footpath in Purfleet credit Kevin Rushby

Purfleet-on-Thames to Purfleet Beacon

Day Thirty-Three. My legs are zinging like I've just had some kind of extreme depilation. In my hand is a stick...

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Part of Capability Brown's Serpentine pond at Little Belhus credit Kevin Rushby

Ockendon to Purfleet-on-Thames

Day Thirty-Two. A lot of people have been asking how this 500 mile walk might affect me to which I say I have no idea

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Plotlander museum house at Langdon Hills credit Kevin Rushby

Langdon Hills to Ockendon

Day Thirty-One. I suppose there was an assumption, at the start of the walk, that by the end things would get easier.

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Pylons near East Tilbury credit Kevin Rushby

Thameside Nature Park to Langdon Hills

Day Thirty. Hobblin' John Hogweed is up early this morning rubbing ibuprofen gel into his shins and reading the leaflet...

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Sunflowers near Mucking credit Kevin Rushby

Benfleet to Thameside Nature Park

Day Twenty-Nine. We left John on something of a cliffhanger last night. He had been ordered to ice his right shin within an inch of frostbite...

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Bear the dog on Canvey credit Kevin Rushby

Canvey Island

Day Twenty-Eight. We start the day on a high, a breakfast bagel with coffee outside the Golden Bagel next to Benfleet Station..

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