Hope Springs Eternal – Get Involved

Download the project info here: HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL

During the Lockdown period, we have been invited to take a walk/get outside once a day. It is the most beautiful time of year, and wherever we are, and even if we just look out of the window, nature is in full force, as we enter Spring.

It’s almost as if Nature has fooled us, into thinking we humans are invincible. But in reality, we’re not. The laugh is on us.

Spring will happen regardless. This is a time to observe, the growth, a very different kind of growth – from the economic growth that has governed all of our lives and underpinned our values for the last three decades.

This is an invitation to closely observe in detail the budding and blossoming, and to reflect on what we were on course to jeopardise. Can we create beautiful drawings in April? Then transform them into designs, that we can share with others, to cherish and celebrate our natural world, and resolve to question our values in order to respect, protect, nurture the environment around us.

Kinetika is known for silk painting, and in time, these designs may be transformed onto silk scarves, that will serve as a memento to us all every time we wear them, to remember our place in nature and know that there is always hope and that we are all connected.


Get involved, everyone’s invited!

This drawing project is an invitation to small drawing groups, individuals, budding artists and all creative people to get involved.

So join our Drawing Communities Together Facebook Group, share your designs (by 20th April for Stage 1) and see what others have created!  Then if you’re inspired, you can turn your drawing into a batik design which could eventually become a unique silk scarf all of your own.

Download the project info here: HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL


Three ways to get involved

Here are the three ways to get involved, but you don’t need to do all of them:

  • 1-20 April   Stage 1: Draw a Spring inspired image, share it online. (Free)
  • 21-27 April Stage 2: Turn your drawing into a design for a silk scarf (Free)
  • Date TBC    Stage 3: Silk Painting Masterclass (Heavily discounted)

We invite you to draw this new life. A life that now will never be the same again

Download the project info here: HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL

Drawing by Jo Beal

Sketch by Jo Beal

Drawings by Jo Beal