Land of the Fanns

Land of the Fanns flags on display in a field

Land of the Fanns:  100 Stories

Land of the Fanns was a complex community mapping project to identify and gather 100 stories from across the area to highlight its treasures.

In workshops and via remote sessions, local people and community groups were invited to share their local tales, which were curated with reference to the different ‘Landscape Character Areas’ within the Land of the Fanns.

Restrictions imposed by Covid-19 meant our usual delivery style was adapted, so participants were supported to design the resulting flags remotely. Social distancing rules meant smaller groups than usual were allowed into the studio for the silk painting, but the end results did not disappoint. All final 100 flags were displayed at Thames Chase Forest Centre in August 2020.

A walking festival featuring some of the stories, called Tales of the Fanns, took place May/ June 2021.

The book of the project, written with renowned social historian Ken Worpole and photographer Tamara Rabea Stoll is out now, more information on the book here.

See all the flags and their stories on the Land of the Fanns website

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Joanne Harrison and her flag

Joanne Harrison and her flag

Land of the Fanns Flags

Here are some of the final Land of the Fanns flags, see them all, plus their corresponding stories on the Land of the Fanns website