(c) Caroline Genis


Kinetika and Générik Vapeur have collaborated to create a spectacular performance to mark the relay of the Paris 2024 Olympic Flame into Marseille.

Together with the people from 111 quartiers of Marseille, we are creating around 500 hand-painted silk pennants.

The latest in our range of large-scale international projects, EN FLAG is part of the 2024 Paris Cultural Olympiad. Over the years Kinetika and our Artistic Director, Ali Pretty, designer of EN FLAG, have collaborated with and led teams of artists to deliver high-profile, large-scale events to diverse audiences all over the world including WOMAD 1989-1992, Atlanta Olympics 1996, Athens Torch Relay – London 2004, Beijing Cultural Olympiad 2008, FIFA World Cup Abu Dhabi 2009, London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and ‘The Thank You Dance’ at The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant 2022.

Paris 2024 offers a fantastic opportunity to highlight the richness and diversities of the territories of Marseille, the inhabitants who build communities in the cities as well as the values of sport and the Olympic Games.

Drawing on its experience in running cultural events within its territory, Générik Vapeur is partnering with Kinetika to launch a major project with the ambition of mobilizing an audience representative of the diversity of communities from the 111 quartiers of Marseille, around a simple and meaningful symbol: the flag.

The flag offers extraordinary fields of exploration and reflection. It is the symbol of unity. Emblem, sign, pennant, banner, ensign, flame, swaddle, flamme, flag, so many symbols in these turbulent times when we need to come together, under the same banner.

Made of an immense palette of colours and emotions, on hand-woven silk, the flags will be designed, created and performed by a variety of people from the local community, young and old, of all classes, in an infinite sound of languages and looks. They will tell stories, carry the dreams and utopias of the neighbourhoods, the values that make Marseille a wonderful land of welcome, sport and celebration.

Ali Pretty, has been working alongside Pierre Berthelot and Caty Avram, Directors at Générik Vapeur, to develop – EN FLAG – a concept where each person can make their own visual mark.

Marseille – my point of view

The design of the flags focuses on the image of an eye – we have invited each person to make a drawing of their view of the neighbourhood in a circle – the pupil of the eye.

(c) Designed by Ali Pretty


A dedicated team of 10 local artists from Marseille are working with Ali to realise this vision. Since October 2023 they have been conducting workshops with the local community, including schools, local groups as well as individuals and families to creating the drawings to be translated into the silk flags. for the flags.

The flags will be revealed on 8 and 9 May marking the arrival of the Olympic Flame into Marseille.

Making of the Flags

Images of the flags being made in Marseille by community members:

Images (c) Caroline Genis, Ayakan Duku & Canelle Mouret

Key Dates

  • 8 May: Presentation of the project EN FLAG, Vieux Port, Marseille – Arrival of the Olympic Flame

  • 9 May: Festive, musical and dancing parade EN FLAG, Parc de Font Obscure, Marseille – Relay of the Olympic Flame.

About the Cultural Olympiad 2024

Combining art and sport – or “muscles and mind” as Pierre de Coubertin put it, is one of Olympism’s cornerstones. Art and sport interact and enrich each other with the Paris 2024 Games. For the Games to be open, participatory, uniting and inclusive, Paris 2024 is encouraging everyone – artists, troupes, non-profits, communities, sports clubs and so forth – to play a part in the Games’ cultural programme. Culture is offering more and more people in towns and cities the opportunity to take part in the Paris 2024 Cultural Olympiad starting now.

About Générik Vapeur

Générik Vapeur is one of the leading companies in street theater and public spaces. Based at the Cité des arts de la rue in Marseille (13015), it operates in all kinds of towns and villages around the world, with the same creative vigor for around forty years. Founded and co-directed by Pierre Berthelot and Caty Avram, Générik Vapeur was organized as a collective, becoming one of those theater troupes whose resources combine all the skills, all the madness, all the imaginations. Enriching itself over time with artistic complicity, companionships, numerous international meetings, the company claims this openness to the world, with a formidable ability to be in civic sharing, by inventing strong and crazy acts with ingredients drawn from its aesthetic repertoire and in the contexts encountered.

(c) Caroline Genis


Ali Pretty

Ali Pretty is a founding member and artistic director of international outdoor arts company, Kinetika and designer for EN FLAG.

Her artistic direction and hand-painted silk designs renowned for their quality, both in their individual style as well as their ability to engage, leave lasting legacies in communities and individuals.Since 2012 Ali has developed transformational walking arts projects with diverse communities.

Ali brings people together by walking, talking and painting large-scale silk creations. She has led walks in Wiltshire, Isle of Wight, Lincolnshire, Essex and Thurrock, where she has established an annual walking arts festival T100. This pioneering place-making model has been replicated internationally in Ethiopia, Chile and India. She was the artistic director of Silk River, commissioned by the British Council as part of the UK/India year of Culture in 2017. Ali is currently leading Beach of Dreams, a UK wide mass participatory coastal journey for May 2025.

Ali is on the International Board for the World Trails Network and chairs the Arts and Culture Task Team.

Associated Artists include:

Martin Cobb, Patricia Gomé, Paloma De Barbarin, Doreen Vasseur, Caroline Selig, Elza Montlahuc, Jean-François Marc, Thibault Nacam, Samia Ziadi, Fabienne Rouet et Loona Bourgeade-Beaudot (Lézarap’Art), Ayakan Dükü (Meta2), Laura Alarcon (atelier Bacane).