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Flags inspired by mandalas in Milton Keynes

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MK Mandalas is a collaborative project between Kinetika and IF: Milton Keynes International Festival.  Local artists and communities in Milton Keynes will work together to design and create 30 stunning mandala silk flags.

Using the The Milton Keynes Rose as inspiration, Kinetika and local artists will run sessions on how to design a mandala, drawing and sketching, composition, and construction.

This will culminate in 30 designs being created that will be turned into the final batik silks. The flags will be displayed as part of IF: MK International Festival this summer.

Resource Pack Download

This resource pack is designed to inspire you to get creative on your own, in your bubble or with your family.  It describes the step-by-step process to create flag designs for IF: Milton Keynes International Festival.

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MK Mandala Resource Pack



We are taking inspiration for our mandala designed silks from The Milton Keynes Rose.

A set of themes have been identified that resonate with now and will give a starting point for design discussions and creative exercises.


We will be working with local groups to design a set of 30 beautiful silk flags that reflect their experiences of the last year.

Each flag is 120cm x 120cm, within the square there is a circle, within which will be the mandala design.

Alongside the activities outlined in the resource pack, there will be a series of weekly workshops led by Kinetika artist Lisa Meehan, and face-to-face sessions in Milton Keynes with artists Jane Charles and Ciara Callaghan.

Completed designs are sent to the Kinetika Design Studio where the team of artists will use the process of batik and silk painting to transform them into beautiful silk artworks

Kinetika worked with over 250 participants from five choirs to contribute drawings incorporated into the design of this mandala for a silk backdrop for Singing Our Lives. Union Chapel, January 2020.

Presentation of Flags

The set of 30 flags will be presented in public open spaces at the festival in July. All the people involved will have times set aside when they are encouraged to come and view their design amongst the sea of designs.

After the event, flags will be either retained for festival use, displayed at other events or returned to community groups.

Digital Capture
Each of the finished individual designs will be photographed. These pictures will form an on-line gallery which will see the design married to the description that the individual or group has created.

Each group will be offered the opportunity of being filmed to tell some of their experience of being involved in the project, these interviews will form the basis of a short film which will tell the story behind the flags.


This section contains links to teaching resources for MK Mandalas participants.
If you are taking part and would like to access these resources, please ask your group leader for the passcode.
New links will be added here when available.

Session 1

With Lisa Meehan

View Session 1

Session 2

With Lisa Meehan
Drawing and Sketching

View Session 2

Session 3

With Lisa Meehan
Border Pattern, Colour & Design

View Session 3

Session 4

With Lisa Meehan
Design and Construction

View Session 4


Session 5

With Lisa Meehan
Completed Designs & Writing

View Session 5

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