A colourful piece of silk is painted by hand

Mottingham Silks

Working in partnership with StEP and St Edwards Church, Kinetika will engage a wide range of people in the MBLR (Mottingham Big Local Refocused) to create a set of silk flags that reflect the area, and the people that live within it.

Local organisations and residents are invited to take part, and in spring 2022 Artistic Director Ali Pretty, and Kinetika artists Lisa Meehan and Sarah Doyle, will deliver a series of design and silk painting workshops.

When complete, the flags will be displayed and celebrated at community events throughout the summer. Next autumn the project will continue with designing and making eight new silk hangings for St Edwards Church to be a permanent display in 2023.

Key Dates

  • 13th Jan 2022: Introductory Zoom meeting
  • 17th Feb 2022: Hands-on design workshop
  • 18th Feb 2022: Deadline for design ideas

For further information, please see resource pack below.

Resource Pack Download

This resource pack is to inspire everyone taking part to get creative with their family and friends and to support them through a step-by-step process in creating designs for one or more of the flags.

nb. Download is 12.5MB


Mottingham Silks Resource Pack

A colourful piece of silk is painted by hand Pots of colourful fabric dye

Mottingham Silks flag artists

Mottingham silks step by step


Mottingham Silks

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