Seas of Silk


Introducing Seas of Silk 

Inspired by our Beach of Dreams model, in 2022 we were invited to work with the Graduate College of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU) on a Community Engagement Project called Seas of Silk.
This walking journey evokes a sense of belonging to the idea of Singapore through the eyes, expressions, and emotions of its inhabitants. Educators, parents and students were invited to come together to intimately explore the shorelines, water bodies, and associated nature of the island.
This marked our first international collaboration using online engagement and showcases our capabilities to work with anyone anywhere in the world on their community engagement projects.

From Photographs to Silk 

Walkers took photographs, collected materials, and wrote personal reflections. These were then turned into silk flags by our team of artists in the Kinetika Design Studio.

“We were thrilled to receive more than 300 photos from about 150 participants, along with thought-provoking reflections. These will be represented in an installation of silk flags and pennants in collaboration with Kinetika. The exhibition will be held in late February/early March 2023 at the university campus, coinciding with NTU’s Service Week.”

Seas of Silk Team (Indira and Shobhana)

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Custom Silk Flags


“Captured from my workplace, where I just stopped and enjoyed. Took a deep breath. Relaxed and took in the abundance of life. I realised, beautiful things don’t have to ask for attention, and there’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.” – Dhaval Mehta

The flags on display at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore