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Heart of a town mural by Szylk Wane


Stevenage Borough Council, Junction 7 Creatives CIC and our Arts & Heritage Forum partners are working with Kinetika on an exciting new Stevenage Day project. Stevenage Day is always an exciting programme of events, but this year, we will be adding a new creative programme that aims to highlight the cultural and creative diversity of Stevenage. A new flag-making project led by Kinetika and supported using public funds from the National Lottery Community Fund will engage with community groups to showcase our vibrant and diverse cultures and talent across the town.

Communities will have the opportunities to share their stories and identities through the creation of 10 flags, which will fly high on Stevenage Day, and contribute to a new identity and legacy for the town. Communities will also have the opportunity to wave their flags with pride on the day, such as in a carnivalesque procession. By coming together to create these flags, share them, and join in Stevenage Day activities, we hope to champion diversity and galvanise cohesion as we recover from the pandemic.

 A selection of flags designed and made by community groups with Kinetika


Get Involved

We are delighted to invite you to take part in creating the flags for Stevenage Day Re-imagined 2022. We will be working with you and your groups to design a set of ten beautiful silk flags that reflect the many communities and hidden gems of Stevenage.

The resource pack was designed to give you all the information you require about the Flag-making aspect of Stevenage Day and will inspire you to get creative with your group members and support you through a step-by-step process in creating the designs for your groups’ flags. It will open when the button below is clicked and can be downloaded from that page.

NB. Download is 15.4MB

Download Resource Pack

A community flag project in Grays, Essex. Painting the silks.

Key Dates

5th April – Introduction Day, Junction 7 Creatives CIC

11th April – Kinetika Zoom Sessions with Kinetika’s Ali Pretty

25th & 26th April – Workshops in Stevenage with Kinetika artist, Ciara Callaghan

4th – 7th May – Designs to be waxed at Kinetika Studios in Essex

9th – 13th May – Flags to be painted at Kinetika Studios in Essex

If you’d like to join us and visit Kinetika Studios for the waxing or painting of the flags, please book a session through george@kinetika.co.uk.

Mural by artist Carleen De Sözer

Flag Design Process

The 10 flags created will take inspiration from Mondrian art influences – in particular, the colours that are found in Stevenage Town Centre – red, black, yellow and blue.

The theme behind our flags is ‘I am because we are’.

Stevenage stakeholders and community groups will come together to think about ideas for their flag design. Brainstorm ideas, collect images, photographs, logos, articles, stories and anything that will help you start to create ideas for your flags.

Use the following to help your research and ideas:

  • Heritage & Legacy: Places, people, traditions, objects and stories that hold special meaning for you, your group and your community.
  • Hopes & Ambitions: Think about your visions of a brighter future. What do you see?
  • Identity & Belonging: What gets across who you are? What represents a sense of belonging for you in your community?

Sources of inspiration and what happens next are contained in the flag design pack Examples of similar flag projects can be found on this website as follows:

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Logo of Kinetika