Stevenage Flags on Stevenage Day. Photos: Junction 7 Creatives

Stevenage Day

In 2022, Stevenage Borough Council, Junction 7 Creatives CIC and its Arts & Heritage Forum partners worked with Kinetika on an exciting new Stevenage Day project. Stevenage Day is always an exciting programme of events, but in 2022, the team behind it added a new creative programme that aimed to highlight the cultural and creative diversity of Stevenage. A new flag-making project led by Kinetika and supported using public funds from the National Lottery Community Fund, engaged with community groups to showcase the vibrant and diverse cultures and talent across the town.

Communities also had the opportunity to share their stories and identities through the creation of 10 flags, which flew high on Stevenage Day, and contributed to a new identity and legacy for the town. Communities were able to wave their flags with pride on the day! By coming together to create these flags, share them, and join in Stevenage Day activities, the team behind the day hoped to champion diversity and galvanise cohesion as we recover from the pandemic. See the final flag designs below.

Images from Stevenage Day 2022

Image credit: Junction 7 Creatives

Stevenage Day Flags

 A selection of flags designed and made by community groups with Kinetika

Credit: Mark Massey

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