Beach of Dreams film by Fotis Begklis

In Summer 2021, Essex Cultural Diversity Project was a partner in Kinetika’s Beach of Dreams. As part of the project, they supported digital filmmaker Fotis Begklis to create a new piece of work, which we’re delighted to be able to finally reveal.

Beach of Dreams was an epic journey to walk 500 miles over 35 days down the east coast of England, exploring how to take better care of the coast and wider environment, as well as the communities who live there.

Unique naturally-dyed silk pennants were created for each mile of the walk, coloured to represent the natural landscape of the coast. Participants were invited to choose a mile of the route that meant something special to them and submit images and words about it. Pennant designs were inspired by these images from participants, who proudly carried them along the relevant mile.

Beach of Dreams 2024

To enable the ambition that this impactful project is adopted further afield, Kinetika is partnering with Creative Lives to widen its reach across the UK and Ireland in 2024.

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About the film

Fotis created a cinematic poem, created of asides and digressions that form a portrait of the physicality and human effort of the long coastal path journey where multiple voices, geography and imagination met.

The film collects images and offers up memories of the journey for those who weren’t there; the camera, an outsider to the journey and the places it witnessed, evokes a sense of purpose and belonging.

Some of the recordings in this film were provided by Rosa Productions who produced a longer, more documentary-style film about the project, supported by Arts Council England. Watch the Rosa Productions film here.

Thanks to the participants speaking their words in the film: Gary Richens (mile 133), Barbara Roycroft (mile 411), Gloria Lloyd (mile 202), Nelleke van Helfteren (mile 162), Tessa Frampton (mile 349), Phil Easteal (mile 415), Alison Mudd (mile 49), and all who took part.

4 images of walkers in coastal landscape

Stills from Fotis Begklis’ film on Beach of Dreams

About the Artist

Fotis Begklis is a filmmaker, researcher and educator, who has worked across commercial and independent film projects for many years and teaches at the University of the Arts London.

His last poetic documentary, Grand Tour, was premiered at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival in June 2021 and was selected to be part of the Acropolis Remix | Embraces: Utopian Proximities 2021 exhibition.

Learn more about Fotis Beglis.

Learn more about Beach of Dreams.


Fotis Begklis filming at Tilbury Fort for Beach of Dreams

Fotis Begklis filming at Tilbury Fort for Beach of Dreams. Credit Mike Johnston

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