Carol Fahey: NHS and Care Workers, Thurrock

Hi, I’m Carol

My journey began nearly 50-years ago when I joined the NHS as a cadet nurse at the age of 16. I became a Ward Sister in 1980 and then worked as a staff nurse in A&E at Orsett Hospital, following that I went into District Nursing before joining the Stifford Clays Medical Centre as a trainee Practitioner Nurse, qualifying after two years of training. In 2003, I became a partner in the GP practice at the Centre, which involved handling finance and looking after the management of staff. In this role I became a GP Trainer, the first nurse to do so, and did this until 2012 when the programme ended. After a long career, I retired in 2016 but still help with practice admin when needed.

At the end of 2020, I helped to set up a vaccination programme for Thurrock. With a lot of isolation, loneliness, anxiety and depression creeping into the community, I soon found myself working 14-hour days, 7-days a week to help with the vaccination programme, doing all I could to make a difference. The response was overwhelming, elderly people had not seen or spoken to others for almost a year; there were many tears of joy both from patients and staff.

My husband was my biggest inspiration, he always supported me until he sadly passed away in 2018. We were involved with the Thurrock Rugby Club for many years, and I was even the Lady Chairperson for the club. The Thurrock Rugby Club emblem is an Oak Tree, and I have an oak tree engraved on a bracelet that I wear carrying some of my husband’s ashes, which I wore throughout the pandemic.

The Queen is an inspiration to all. Her dedication and service to the country has been impeccable, inspiring women worldwide to achieve their goals, to be strong and support others. Like me, she has lost her lifelong partner, and yet she still carries out her duties unrelenting, unselfishly and with dignity; we need to celebrate her own achievements and so I am elated to be a part of her Jubilee celebrations.

“Carol is a lovely caring person who is extremely helpeful and really enjoys what she does – helping people.” – extract from the key worker nomination for Carol

Carol Fahey

We're all connected; to Her Majesty the Queen; to each other; to the past, present and future

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