Christine Pace: Education, Thurrock

Hi, I’m Christine

I have been a school crossing patrol person, fondly known as a lollipop lady, for the past 21-years and I love my job! Regardless of the weather I am there making sure each and every person using the crossing gets to the other side safely.

The children I get to see every day really inspire me. Their happy, smiling faces, eagerness to learn and desire to have little chats with me make me feel proud to be a lollipop lady; a person of authority in uniform that serves as a safe refuge for them on a daily basis. All children (older and younger) know that I will keep them safe, and protect them from harm.

I get to teach children about road safety each day, something that will stick with them their entire lives. Many of the children think that I have special powers as I walk out and halt traffic on a busy Tilbury road each morning for them.

Not being able to do my job during the COVID-19 pandemic, until keyworker and vulnerable children were allowed to return to schools, was difficult. As schools re-opened I saw a difference in the children. Some were scared to come close or talk to me because of social distancing, but I reassured them that life would be good again and they are safe.

When I think about what we have all been through, I think about how strong The Queen is and despite everything, she carries on. The Queen is an amazing person. Looking at how she conducts herself helps me continue my own personal adventure of being ‘The Lollipop Lady’.


“Christine knows all of the children by name, she’s always out by the roadside ensuring their safety while also greeting them with a happy face and words of encouragement for the day. She is a static person in an unstable world for these children.” – extract from the key worker nomination for Christine 

Christine at work






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