Sarah-Louise Harris: Education, Thurrock



Hi, I’m Sarah-Lou

I am a class teacher at Kenningtons Primary Academy, and I also lead all sports events for the school. I’m a big advocate for children’s physical education because sport is a fantastic way for children to release tension, which supports them within their classroom environment.

I believe that every child has the chance to improve their well-being through sport and enjoy physical activity in an inclusive environment. To help achieve this I also help children with special educational needs to have the opportunity to take part in activities they wouldn’t ordinarily get to try, such as archery and boccia.

To help encourage children and the community to get more involved in sport, I run after school clubs for families and also set up a 5km fun run in a local park.

The lockdowns were hard for our community. Not only were many loved ones lost to COVID, but lots of our families live in flats so many of our children couldn’t get out in the fresh air and exercise very much. As a school, we did all we could to ensure that we listened to our families and worked with them to provide an offer that suited them. As a result, a spirit of togetherness developed, and a true sense of community was embedded.

I am so grateful to be taking part in The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant, which is going to be so full of colour and life.  This is something I will take forward with me for years to come, especially when it comes to my work. The Queen, as strong, dignified, and gracious as she is, is still as physical as she can be. She is someone that Britain admires, and we are proud to call her OUR Queen.

“Sarah-Lou lives and breathes sport. She is never happier than when she is working with children and enabling them to improve their skills. The success she has achieved with the pupils is amazing – she instils in them a pride and sense of determination for success that is inspiring to us all – she is a true role model and absolute star. ” – extract from the key worker nomination for Sarah-Louise

Sarah-Lou at work with some of her pupils

Sarah-Louise being interviewed at the Kinetika Studio. Photo: Katie Beadle

Sarah-Louise being interviewed at the Kinetika Studio. Photo: Katie Beadle

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