Vicky Van Vynck: NHS and Care Workers, Thurrock



Hi, I’m Vicky,

I am a personal assistant and carer for people with learning or physical disabilities as well as older people requiring support in the Thurrock community. I work in community facilities or in people’s homes, helping to provide support towards independence and interdependence – from meal cooking to personal care, use of public transport and more.

During the pandemic, I provided various support to our clients. I volunteered to take on 24-hour support meaning that I was in a client’s house for four days providing support to them when they were vulnerable, then would take three days off and isolate at home, then return to provide assistance. This meant that I was able to keep the people I was caring for safe and secure. One of the people I cared for was home alone, so to ensure he was socialising with people and not isolated, he moved in with me and my family for six months.

I helped with the creation of a new foodbank and supported 55 families to stay safe at home by collecting food and prescriptions as well as supporting people getting vaccinated. I also established a new homecare service to get people out of hospital and back home, helping to lift community spirit, whilst keeping people safe.

During this period it was hard as I had to make sure I was staying safe and keeping my clients safe so I chose not to see my grandson or mum so that I could continue to provide much-needed support to my clients. It was incredibly rewarding though – I think that this is the best job ever, helping those in need and seeing how much happiness my work brings to my clients.

It’s amazing to be nominated to take part in the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant, I’m really looking forward to the celebrations. To me, the Queen is a huge inspiration – not only for the years of service she’s given us but also because to me it seems that she really does care about her subjects.

“Vicky is an amazing carer, always stepping up to care for people. During COVID she was isolating herself from her family so she could continue to support vulnerable disabled people safely in their homes. She is selfless and dedicated to her duty to help others, much like the Queen.” – extract from the key worker nomination for Vicky


One of the people Vicky loves working with and caring for, Iris.

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