Orford Ness local walk


Walk 5: Thurs 1st July 2021

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Distance: 4 miles

A short walk around one of the most remarkable nature reserves in England, Orford Ness.

Access only by ferry from Orford; entrance fee payable.

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Route: Walk 5

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 Please note: The routes and mile markers were mapped in February. It is possible that some changes will be needed before the walk itself takes place, for example because of temporary path closures, weather events, and tidal conditions. If there are changes, we will walk an alternative route that is as close as possible to the planned route, and keep the mile markers as close to the originals too. ‘Miles’ at the start and end of days may be slightly more or less than one mile.

Finding the Gems

The miles have all be claimed for this stretch of the route and images and words are beginning to arrive.  Thank you to all the contributors!

Orford Ness Miles

  • Mile 67

    A Ring of Saturn


    The accurate perception available when our eye becomes single.

    The project we are planning is to create an immersive multi-screen installation about the emotional specifics of place. We will be working in collaboration with sound artist Ian Thompson, and performance artist Sarah Sparkes.

    ‘ORFORD NESS – A Ring of Saturn’; a working title stating the location of the film and its nature of engagement with place, while exploring the elasticity of time and history, as described in W.G. Sebald’s book ‘The Rings of Saturn’.

    Orford Ness is a desolate shingle spit in Suffolk that was closed off for military testing during the Cold war and retains the derelict architecture from that era.

    To capture its sense of eerie dislocation sections will be filmed with an Infra-red camera in black and white. Other parts of the film will be handheld and in colour, along with slow pans and stills. Sarah Sparkes will perform atavistic ‘dance’ rituals that will appear as incidental, unexplained events, like an avatar, contrasting mythology with military.

    Ian Thompson will compose a suite of accompanying electroacoustic works that reflect the location’s soundscapes and histories. These will be played simultaneously with the video projections, but not as a synchronised score; they will exist as compositions in their own right. The compositions will be presented in binaural stereo, with visitors listening on wireless headphones while walking around the exhibition.

    The buildings and landscape will be the subject, allowed to speak of their past, but with nationalism on the rise, its past echoes into our future. The project will be an immersive work of psycho-geography.


    By Richard Ducker & Sonya Park

    Mile 67 by Sonya Park Line drawing of seaweed covered structures Mile 67 by Sonya Park Seaweed covered structures on the shores of Orford Ness

    Mile 67 on Map


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