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This page is for people who have questions about participating in the Beach of Dreams project.
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Walk Guidelines

Download the current guidelines here, these are subject to change without notice.

Walk Guidelines

Walks – what are the start time/ locations?

Please check the individual walk pages for this information. If you are meeting ‘at my mile’, please understand it is difficult for us to specify the exact time the main walking party will arrive.  To help you estimate this, use the key scheduled times on the walk page for that day and add 30 mins per mile to get to your mile.  We are using a walking speed of 2 miles an hour as a guide.

All Walks

Can I only walk my mile?

If you have booked a mile and uploaded content, yes. You will be sent an email with a link to a booking form, where you can say where you want to meet the walk – choose ‘At my mile’.   If you are meeting ‘at my mile’, please understand it is difficult for us to specify the exact time the main walking party will arrive.  Please see ‘What are the start times?’ above.

If you booked a mile previously but haven’t received the form to confirm your walk place, please check your spam folder or email info@beachofdreams.co.uk

Can I bring friends and/or family?

All people who originally said they wanted to bring guests on the walks can do so, but they must be included when you confirm your booking.  If you want to bring a big group, you must be self-sufficient and it’s important that you contact us as soon as possible to discuss details on info@beachofdreams.co.uk.

Can I bring my dog on the walk?

Yes, but please keep it on a lead when with the group. Our insurance policy does not extend to include any form of liability arising from the actions of a pet that a participant may take on a walk.

What if I’m ill or I can’t come on the day?

No problem, please contact info@beachofdreams.co.uk to let us know.

I haven’t selected a mile or submitted anything – can I just come and join a walk?

We are obligated to limit numbers for the walks due to restrictions imposed by Covid19, so unfortunately we are only able to allow people with a pre-booked place to join the walk.

How do I select a mile or submit content?

If you wish to submit content for an unmapped mile, you can do that here:

Submit Content

When will my content show up on the map?

If you submitted content before May 31st, it should already be on the Storymap. For new content, it is a manual process to check and upload, and we cannot guarantee all content will be used. Most content submitted during June/ July should be uploaded after the walks.

Story Map

When will I be able to see my finished pennant?

In Lowestoft, all 500 pennants will be displayed on the beach as a special installation for First Light Solstice Celebration on 26th & 27th June, just before the 500 mile journey begins.
More info about the first big flag installation
The pennants will be displayed all together at other special events along the route such as in Harwich 9th July and Tilbury 1st Aug.
You can also see it on your own one-mile stretch of the journey.

Who do the silk pennants belong to when the project has ended? Can I keep one?

The pennants will remain with Kinetika, the company who made them, and who created the Beach of Dreams project.  All 500 flags need to remain together as a set, a record of the 500 places along the journey.  If you would like to make your own, silk is available for purchase in the Kinetika online shop.

I have access needs – who can I speak to?

Please email Sarah on info@beachofdreams.co.uk if you have any questions or need information in an alternative format.

Are any sections of the walk suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs?

The route sections along roads and pavements in built-up areas are suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs. The route sections along coastal paths and in the more remote areas where we will be walking over fields and uneven ground, are not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs. If you have a question about a particular route, please contact us to ask: info@beachofdreams.co.uk

How are you ensuring Beach of Dreams is Covid-Safe?

Please refer to our page on Beach of Dreams Covid-safety

Have another question?

Please contact us on info@beachofdreams.co.uk


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