Francisca Beko: Transport/Delivery Driver/Post Office Worker/Shop/Retail, Milton Keynes

Francisca Beko's key worker flag. Photo: Kristian Buus

Hi, I’m Francisca

My job is to prepare and scan packages ordered online ready for them to go to the next stage in the delivery process and I really love it! The working environment is great and it’s such a pleasure to work with so many other people from different cultures and backgrounds.

My role is essentially helping people to get their orders, and the pandemic certainly didn’t stop this from happening! Order volumes increased tenfold; my job didn’t change other than I had to work extra hours to fulfil the demand. Our employer ensured that we were always safe by insisting we wore masks and respected social distancing. The warehouse has a Covid clinic to enable us to get tested any time we need to.

I love to socialise with my colleagues, especially when we have public engaging activities, such as pyjama day, Halloween competitions, free fruit, food and fresh smoothie events, as well as a lot of celebrations in include all of the different cultures. This is what inspires me and keeps me motivated as well as knowing that I have played a small part in making someone’s day.

Francisca Beko's key worker flag. Photo: Kristian Buus

Francisca’s key worker scroll. Photo: Kristian Buus

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