PC Neil Brand: Emergency Services, Thurrock


Hi, I’m Neil aka PC Brand

My family has always instilled a strong ethic of helping others, which led me to join the Essex police in 1995. My entire policing career has been in Thurrock, with 14 years as Thurrock’s school liaison, a position as a Youth Officer and over five years as a beat officer. I now work out of Grays Police Station as Community Support Liaison Officer and I have never wished to police anywhere else. A big highlight of my career was being made an honouree member of the Aveley & Kennington’s Community Forum. I was nominated to be a member by the community for the work I had done and the support I had given as their beat officer.

Thurrock is a unique place – it has a variety of environments – from lively town centres and quaint villages, through to coastal areas and farmland; I often say that there are not many places like Thurrock anywhere in the world, which is part of the reason I love working here and serving its people.

The pandemic has had a positive effect on the use of technology within my role.  Being able to use software such as Teams and Zoom opened avenues we hadn’t used before to engage with more of the local community. Unfortunately, the advancements have also closed well-trodden traditional routes as well. Going forward, I hope that we will be able to meet and engage both physically and online with more Thurrock communities using a hybrid approach, and as such, reach more people than ever before.

My motivation in life is my daughter; seeing her photos in my locker each day motivates me for the day ahead.

Being a police officer means that I am a Crown servant, and therefore the Queen is my boss.  She has always been a figurehead in my life and I consider her the ultimate role model for any public servant. Watching the Queen’s speech on Christmas day is a family tradition, and it is always spot on! I am very excited to be part of the Platinum Jubilee Pageant and am very thankful to be nominated by my community to take part in these incredible celebrations.

“PC Brand selflessly and tirelessly serves the community of Thurrock, and has done through his entire career. He is an inspiration, reaching out to disengaged communities to encourage them to report crimes and ensure a safer environment for us all.” – extract from the key worker nomination for Neil

PC Neil Brand

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