Stevie Smith: Emergency Services, Thurrock


Hi, I’m Stevie

Ever since I can remember I wanted to help people. Originally I thought that a nursing career would be for me until my cousin persuaded me that I would make a good paramedic. I’m now a paramedic working around South West Essex, Basildon and Thurrock.  The job is extremely varied, as are the situations and the people that we encounter – it is different every hour of every day.

My colleagues are so important to me. We’re a real team and we are always supporting each other. Unfortunately, quite early on during the Coronavirus pandemic, we lost one of our colleagues, which was devastating.

The pandemic brought about so much loss and hurt. It was heartbreaking having to split up sick, injured or even dying patients from their families as no-one was allowed to accompany them into hospitals.

All my colleagues worked tirelessly for the community and for each other.  I wanted to do something to support them, so converting my ambulance into a rest stop helped to make a difference. Every time I gave someone a cup of tea or gave away some flowers, their smile stopped my feet, back and heart from aching.

The pandemic did bring out the good in people; generosity and support came from all quarters.

Seeing patients get better and knowing that you have made a difference to their life keeps me going, even on the bad days. The gratitude of patients is why I do this job. When I deliver a baby (and yes, it does happen), I ask for a photograph and keep them all to remind me that miracles do happen, even in an ambulance.

I am thrilled to be taking part in The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant.  The Queen is such an inspiration – particularly last year, while others were ignoring the rules and people were struggling, she buried her husband, sitting alone and remaining dignified.  She is a reminder to do the right thing even when others don’t.



“Stevie who like so many others worked tirelessly through during the pandemic, but she went above and beyond. She converted her ambulance when off duty to serve as a refreshment stop for other paramedics and NHS staff and made contact with shops and others to donate snacks, flowers and more to be given to exhausted, hard-working staff. It really made a huge difference to many workers.” – extract from the key worker nomination for Stevie

Stevie giving away flowers to key workers during the pandemic.

Stevie and her story have been selected as inspiration for a Key Worker Scroll created by Kinetika that will be seen in the Platinum Jubilee Pageant. See some images of Stevie’s scroll. Stevie’s scroll represents all those Paramedics and Emergency Service workers all across the UK.




Stevie with her key worker scroll. Photo: Ali Pretty




Stevie’s key worker scroll alongside others. Photo: Ali Pretty


Stevie with her key worker scroll. Photo: Ali Pretty

Stevie’s key worker flag. Photo: Kristian Buus

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