Pinder Ambrose: Education, Milton Keynes

Hi, I’m Pinder

I am a Learning Mentor/Teaching Assistant currently working with children in Year 2 and find it very rewarding. Watching children grow and learn is inspiring. It does come with its challenges but seeing progress and change makes up for the tough times.

Working in a primary school meant that when the pandemic hit we needed to pull together and make sure safety was the top priority. During lockdowns, the school made sure we were safe and vulnerable adults were protected. Support was offered to those who needed it and my manager, in particular, was very helpful during this period of unease.

During the first lockdown I tried to keep busy at home, so my husband and I worked to tackle all the household jobs that needed doing; our house looked great! It was very tough not to be able to see family and friends but making special time online for quizzes and catch-ups helped. The way that I deal with stressful situations is to keep busy; getting lost in a good book or listening to music is a great destressor.



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