Scott Mandry: Volunteer, Milton Keynes

Hi, I’m Scott,

I am an Assistant Beaver Leader in the local area of Milton Keynes. I was inspired to join the Scouts movement to help young people learn new skills and develop their knowledge of the environment and sustainability. I applied to join the Beavers when my son joined the local group when we moved house. I support the Beaver Leader on a weekly basis, planning events, ensuring children’s safety, supporting activities, helping kids with the objective/tasks set, registering them in and out of the sessions, covering the leader role when required and other ad hoc tasks.

The group meets generally at the local scout hut each week or at off-site events in the local woods or playing fields. There are up to 25 children in the group with a Beaver Leader, Assistant Leader, Parent Helpers, Explorers and occasionally senior Scout staff. The Beaver Leader benefits from my support and the children also welcome the help.

The most memorable moment so far is when the Beaver Leader could not make a two day overnight camp and I had to lead this with only a few days’ notice.

The children woke up at 5am and I had to improvise to keep them busy until breakfast at 8.30, so I organised a roll call (tidy tents for inspection), nature walk and map reading.

During COVID-19, We managed the group in line with the Scout protocols including the traffic light system ensuring safety was the number one priority at all times. This meant moving some events to online and where possible focusing on outdoor activities.          Remember life is like a rollercoaster (sorry Ronan!), with ups and downs, it really helps if you ensure you don’t travel with a blindfold on as the ride is much scarier than if you can see ahead.


Scott’s son in his Scout uniform

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