Zyle Mills: Transport/Delivery Driver/Post Office Worker/Shop/Retail, Thurrock

Hi, I’m Zyle

I worked for years in the fast-paced corporate world but I’ve always wanted to have my own business. When I left my previous career and had time to think about what I really wanted to do, I decided to set up Heavenly Greens Fruit and Veg in Thurrock.

I felt that this was right for my circumstances at the time and that it would be a really great balance for me alongside the things that I cherish. I am able to be of service to the community, ensure I had a good work/life balance for me with my family and maintain my membership and wardenship with St Stephen’s Church in my hometown of Purfleet-on-Thames. I had never worked in retail and it was a steep learning curve but it was absolutely the right decision for me

On Saturday mornings I work with my children at a stall on the village green in front of St Stephen’s Church selling a large range of reasonably priced fruit and veg from all over the world to the wider community. I also sell fruit and veg to hospitality and catering businesses, including hotels and pubs – if you head to The Fleet Pub for your roast, those potatoes and vegetables have come from my business!

About five weeks after we started trading, the pandemic hit and we went from just starting out and learning the trade to having people lining up to get their produce due to the great demand for fresh food. At first, I was nervous, not knowing what we could deal with but we made it through! I feel really proud that we were there in a time of need, and thankfully the community continue to be in need of our fruit and veg.

My faith, my belief and my trust in God are what gets me through tough times. I also recognise that my gifts from God include my resourcefulness, and I know that I can get through hardships that life throws at me.

The Queen’s dedication is unquestionable and her quiet determination is amazing. She inspires appreciation from the country and the wider world, people see her as the matriarch of the country, which I believe she’s totally earnt.

Zyle key worker scroll drawing on paper. Photo: Ali Pretty

Zyle’s key worker scroll (4th from the left) in the wind with other scrolls. Photo: Ali Pretty

Zyle’s key worker scroll. Photo: Kristian Buus

We're all connected; to Her Majesty the Queen; to each other; to the past, present and future

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