Hand-woven silk scarf blank



A hemmed silk scarf blank for you to dye yourself or just wear in white.  The generous length is a approx 2m, width 54cm, and made from hand-woven silk sourced directly from the weavers in the Murshidabad area of West Bengal, India.

Scarf size 200cm x 54cm

If want a larger, unhemmed piece of silk, you can buy this silk by the metre: Click here to order silk.

Silk Specifications:

  • Colour: Light creamy white
  • Type: Mulberry silk
  • Weight: 10mm-12mm
  • Shrinkage: Expect 3-8%
  • Prepped for dye: The silk has no starches, sizing or finishes on it and has been degummed at source. It should be prepped for dying like you would any other silk.
  • Suitable for digital print? No, it is not coated for digital printing and is better suited for dying.

Please note, there may be slight variations in size, texture and colour between pieces due to the hand-made nature of the fabric. These are not considered defects of the fabric.


  • The silk yarn used to make this cloth is from Maldah, West Bengal.
  • This cloth is hand woven by 14 families from Dangapara, Murshidabad, West Bengal.

Read more about the discovery of Murshidabad Silk.

Footage shot by Richard Abbatt, stills by Mike Johnston, edited by Fotis Begklis.

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