Platinum Jubilee Pageant Scarves



We are giving you the opportunity to own a unique scarf, which was created for and appeared in The Thank You Dance at The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant on 5 June 2022.

These handpainted scarves each depict an endangered species from across the world, there is only one of each available to own. The perfect memento of the Thank You Dance, as well as being a beautiful unique creation.

Please note, there is one of each scarf design available and orders are processed manually. The manual order process may cause a delay in stock options showing correctly, therefore please bear with us. We will do our very best to process orders and update stock options as soon as possible.

Size: 200cm x 54cm

Additional information

Scarf Design

Green Forest – Amanita Friabilis, Green Forest – Arran Whitebeam, Green Forest – Baobab, Green Forest – Black Poplar, Green Forest – Cucumber magnolia, Green Forest – Dipterocarpus sarawakensis, Green Forest – Nepenthes Rajah, Green Forest – Wollemi Pine, Green Forest – Wood's Cycad, Orange – African Wild Dog, Orange – Bearded Darkling Beetle, Orange – Bengal tiger, Orange – Black Rhino, Orange – Blue River jack, Orange – Cromwell chafer beetle, Orange – Giant Weta, Orange – Jamaican flower bat, Orange – Numbat, Orange – Pangolin, Orange – Polar bear, Orange – Pygmy hod sucking louse, Orange – Scott's Tree Kangaroo, Orange – Scottish Wildcat, Orange – Shrill Carder Bee, Orange – Snow Leopard, Orange – Spiny Stick Insect, Orange – Warbiter Cricket, Orange -Mokohinau Stag Beetle, Pink – Australian Fritillary, Pink – Bogong Moth, Pink – Forest Ringlet, Pink – Homerus Swallowtail, Pink – Large Blue, Pink – Oriental Blue Clearwing, Pink – Queen Alexandra's Birdwing, Pink – Wolkberg Zulu, Purple – Bahama Nuthatch, Purple – Burrowing Owl, Purple – Crested Argus Pheasant, Purple – Kakapo, Purple – Kashmir Flycatcher, Purple – Picathartes, Purple – Spoon-billed Sandpiper, Purple – Taita Falcon, Purple – Turtle Dove, Red – Boucerosia Frerei, Red – Fragrant Tree Daisy, Red – Ghost Orchid, Red – Lachenalia Convallariodes, Red – Neelakurinji, Red – Norfolk Island Arbutilon, Red – Plymouth Gentian, Red – Streptocarpus teitensis, Red – Zerbali, Turquoise – African Penguin, Turquoise – Atlantic Salmon, Turquoise – Elkhorn Coral, Turquoise – Fin Whale, Turquoise – Giant Clam, Turquoise – Largetooth Sawfish, Turquoise – Manatee, Turquoise – Manta Ray, Turquoise – Pondicherry Shark