Mile 101 by Maria Clarke-Wilson

Sutton Hoo to Bawdsey Ferry

Walk 7: Saturday 3rd July

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Distance: 17 miles

We cross typical Suffolk heathland to the ancient village of Boyton. We rejoin the coast soon after, following firstly the Ore estuary, before our final destination of Bawdsey Ferry.


To all Walkers

Walk Guidelines

IMPORTANT: Please note the following change for this walk:

  • The route for this walk has been updated to make it safer, which means two of the original markers (100 & 101) don’t line-up with the route that will be walked on the day. This is a consequence of lockdown and not being able to reccy the walks sufficiently before mapping the routes. The position of the markers on the Storymap will not be affected.  We apologise to those who this affects, and if you have indicated you wish to ‘meet at my mile’, and now the route misses you, please contact us on

There are two official meeting locations per day; at the start and near the mid-point. If you only wish to walk your one-mile stretch and join the walking party as it comes through your section, you can specify to meet ‘at my mile’ on the booking form (which should have been emailed to you already).

If you are meeting ‘at my mile’, please understand it is difficult for us to specify the exact time the main walking party will arrive. To help you estimate this, use the scheduled times below and add 30 mins per mile to get to your mile. We are using a walking speed of 2 miles an hour as a guide.

If you don’t receive any emails about the walks, please check your spam folder or email

Please only attend the walks if you have booked.


Please arrive 20 minutes beforehand.

  • Start point 7:30AM: (Miles 85 – 92) Sutton Hoo Tranmer House, Woodbridge IP12 3DJ
  • Mid point 11:00AM: (Miles 92 – 101) St Andrew’s church Boyton, Woodbridge IP12 3LQ)
  • End point 4:00PM: The Quay Bawdsey Ferry, Bawdsey, Woodbridge IP12 3AX

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Route: Walk 7


 Please note: The routes and mile markers were mapped in February. It is possible that some changes will be needed before the walk itself takes place, for example because of temporary path closures, weather events, and tidal conditions. If there are changes, we will walk an alternative route that is as close as possible to the planned route, and keep the mile markers as close to the originals too. If route lines appear to stray off public rights of way, this will not happen in reality and route lines will be adjusted as more accurate information from walk leaders is available. ‘Miles’ at the start and end of days may be slightly more or less than one mile.
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