Landguard Point ferry and port

Felixstowe Ferry to Ipswich Marina

Walk 8: Sunday 4th July 2021

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Distance: 19 miles

A seaside walk into Felixstowe, and then we are never far from the tidal River Orwell as it makes its way to the county town of Ipswich.

To all walkers:
There are two official meeting locations per day, one is at the start and the other is near the walk mid-point.
Mile numbers that the sections correspond to are next to the times below. Please arrive 20 minutes beforehand to avoid delaying the walk departure.

If you only wish to walk your one-mile stretch and walk along with the walking party as it comes through your section, please confirm this with the Project Coordinator who will be sending all walkers some detailed emails in the next few weeks. If you don’t receive any emails about the walks, please email

Please only attend the walks if you have booked.


Please arrive 20 minutes beforehand.

  • Start point 8AM: (Miles 102 – 111) Opposite Winkles seafood restaurant Ferry Rd, Felixstowe IP11 9LY
  • Mid point 1:00PM: (Miles 112 – 120) The Ship Inn, Church Ln, Levington, Ipswich IP10 0LQ
  • End point 5PM: Coffee Cat, Ipswich Waterfront, 9 Neptune Quay, Ipswich IP4 1QJ


Get involved

Are you from this area? Join in!

Select a mile that appeals to you and join the walk on the day. The booking form is at the bottom of this page.
Only the available miles are listed, and once your mile is chosen it is removed as a choice for anyone else.

The deadline has passed to submit images and words for our story map which is now under construction.
Instead you can share your images on social media with #BeachofDreamsUK so everyone else can see the landscape and uniqueness of the area.

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Beach of Dreams Walk 8 map

Sunrise over the Pier at Felixstowe

Mile Marker Map

Start points of walks are shown with bouncing markers. Click a marker to reveal what mile number it is and what day of the walk it occurs on.


 Please note: The routes and mile markers were mapped in February. It is possible that some changes will be needed before the walk itself takes place, for example because of temporary path closures, weather events, and tidal conditions. If there are changes, we will walk an alternative route that is as close as possible to the planned route, and keep the mile markers as close to the originals too. If route lines appear to stray off public rights of way, this will not happen in reality and route lines will be adjusted as more accurate information from walk leaders is available. ‘Miles’ at the start and end of days may be slightly more or less than one mile.

Select your mile!

Find the mile number of the mile you want by clicking the map markers above. The mile numbers are revealed in the marker info-windows. Use the mile number to reserve it on the form below.

As soon as a mile is booked it is removed as a choice and no-one else can book it. So if the number you want isn’t there, it has already been taken. There are plenty to choose from, so look for another nearby. After completing the form you will receive a welcome email confirming your selection.

Everyone who books a mile receives a reserved place on the walk. If you can’t attend the walk there is a place on the form to let us know.

If you have questions, please check our FAQs first.



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Image Credits
Header image: Landguard Point ferry and port. Credit Andy Calver, Felixstowe Museum
Second image: Felixstowe pier. Credit Shutterstock

Activity Page All Walks Beach of Dreams main page FAQs