MK Mandalas

Flags inspired by mandalas in Milton Keynes On this page Overview Resource Pack Download Why Mandalas? Video links for participants Overview MK Mandalas was a collaborative project between Kinetika and IF: Milton Keynes International Festival.  Local artists and communities in Milton Keynes worked together to design and create 30 stunning mandala silk flags. Using the […]

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T100 walking festival exhibition

T100 Walking Festival

T100 Walking Festival T100 Website T100 is an annual walking, talking and making festival that encourages multiple stories to surface in Thurrock and the surrounding areas. Since 2015 we’ve travelled on a journey with a growing team of volunteers, one year spontaneously building the theme for the next, all the time drawing more people in […]

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Tilbury Flags

Tilbury Carnival Flags

Collaborating with Tilbury-on-the Thames Trust, Kinetika’s Artistic Director, Ali Pretty, drew upon her experience of designing for Notting Hill Carnival in the nineties, to bring back Tilbury Carnival. The Empire Windrush famously docked at Tilbury in 1948, and with such an important and obvious connection to the history of carnival in the UK it seemed […]

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Norwich circus flags

Norwich Circus 250

Circus 250 was a national celebration of circus arts and heritage and was a great source of inspiration for Kinetika’s co-creation workshops in Norwich and Great Yarmouth. Local artists received mentoring sessions in how to make this kind of work and, with our guidance, worked with community groups to create 110 unique silk flags. The […]

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Chile silk flags

Chile – Festival Teatro Container

Community groups and local artists in Valparaiso, Chile benefited from a series of in-depth flag painting workshops when Ali Pretty, Kinetika’s Artistic Director, was invited there by the British Council. Together, over the course of a month, a series of silk flags was created reflecting the relationship between the town and the port areas of […]

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Ethiopia flags batik


“It’s been an absolutely fantastic project to be involved with, from start to finish … The flags are a great testament to the relationship Kinetika and LE have established and I hope this can continue in the future.” Link Ethiopia To mark the occasion of their 20-year anniversary, Link Ethiopia invited Kinetika to create ten […]

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