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Costume and silk commission for sporting event

Kinetika was commissioned to design and make 90 large silk costumes for the FIFA Club World Cup Opening and Closing Ceremonies in Abu Dhabi 2009, and also send a team to manage wardrobe onsite.

Local performers had never worn such large costumes, however they had been designed to be light and easy wear as well as adjustable to different sizes.

In the UK, the company used the opportunity of a large scale production to train students and artists in the skills to make this kind of work, giving them a broader skillset and bringing a wider talent pool to Kinetika.  Many of these artists went on to work with the company in subsequent years.

The bold designs celebrate different nations, using subtle cultural references, and each section has its own matching pattern.  The large silk wings are roughly 4m in height, the skirts are approx 2.5m wide.

These costumes are available to hire, please contact us for further information.

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Performer wears large silk carnival costume with stained glass pattern

Abu Dhabi costume designs by Ali Pretty

Large silk carnival costumes on a football pitch