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Returning for a second year, Kinetika were delighted to deliver this community-led project with Norwich City Council to make parade flags for both the Lord Mayor’s Procession in Norwich and Great Yarmouth Carnival.

Local artists and community groups were taken through the flag design process and taught how to dye silk and create detailed designs that would work at a large scale. Silk painting is a very adaptable process, so a wide range of ages and abilities could join in.

8 colourful silk flags were co-created with these artists and community groups, designing to the project theme of The World Around Us, as well four sub-themes of the parade.

With a guiding eye of the Kinetika artists and careful work by the participants, the resulting flags were spectacular and will be a community asset for years to come.


Norwich World around us flag

Charismatic Megafauna

Flag designs centred on large animals, with considerations of extinction, and how their images are used as leverage to support major fundraising campaigns.

Community groups/ artists

  • Girl Up design: Sarah Ballard.
  • Under One Roof design: St. Martin’s Trust with Holly Bodmer, Sorrel Muggridge (Eyebrow Arts)

A Drop in the Ocean

Plastic pollution, erosion and rising sea levels featured in these flag designs, taking a look at the impact on the environment.

Community groups/ artists

  • Ipswich Road Community Hub with Holly Bodmer and Sorrel Muggridge (Eyebrow Arts)
  • City College with Ellie Diver
Norwich Flag

Norwich Flag

Blindfolded Jenga

Flag designs were all about biodiversity and the rate of extinction of all plants, animals and fungi.

Community groups/ artists

  • Herring House (Great Yarmouth) with Genevieve Rudd

Protect and Defend

Flag designs focused on human impact and the power to act, with the belief that those have created the problem also have the power to fix it.

Community groups/ artists

  • Woodcraft Folk with Sarah Ballard Bridges,
  • St. Martin’s Housing Trust with Holly Bodmer and Sorrel Muggridge (Eyebrow Arts)

Norwich Flag

Norwich flags at Great Yarmouth Carnival

Flags on parade at Great Yarmouth Carnival


Norwich flags on parade

Norwich flags on parade

Norwich flags carnival group photo

Kinetika brought carnival costumes and puppets to Norwich along with flags!

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