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Collaborating with Tilbury-on-the Thames Trust, Kinetika’s Artistic Director, Ali Pretty, drew upon her experience of designing for Notting Hill Carnival in the nineties, to bring back Tilbury Carnival.

The Empire Windrush famously docked at Tilbury in 1948, and with such an important and obvious connection to the history of carnival in the UK it seemed fitting that this was a central source of reference and inspiration.

Kinetika was commissioned to lead community workshops to create 2 puppets and 30 silk flags showing different aspects of this connection to Empire Windrush, as well as Tilbury’s rich history and international connections.

The resulting flag designs are displayed on this page, and themes were:

  • Tilbury Docks designed with Tilbury Riverside Project, Sea Cadets and Seafarers Mission.
  • Arrival of Empire Windrush in Tilbury 1948 designed by members of Kite Spirit
  • Local groups in Tilbury today designed by group members
  • One Community Development Trust representing diverse communities in Tilbury designed by Cristina Bodolan and local residents.
  • Windrush Legacy, celebrating UK Caribbean Culture and Sport designed by students of Gateway Academy
  • Tilbury Young People’s Groups designed by group members

The puppets and flags were unveiled at Tilbury Carnival July 2019 and now are a useful community asset, even being used for decorating the Cruise Terminal.

This project was funded within the Tilbury Carnival project, supported by Arts Council England, the Windrush Day Fund, Port of Tilbury and Thurrock Council.

Photos are by Mike Johnston.

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