Norwich Circus 250

Carnival / Community Flags

Circus 250 was a national celebration of circus arts and heritage and was a great source of inspiration for Kinetika’s co-creation workshops in Norwich and Great Yarmouth.

Local artists received mentoring sessions in how to make this kind of work and, with our guidance, worked with community groups to create 110 unique silk flags.

The artists were also invited to the Kinetika studio for further training, and to demonstrate the entire making process.

The flags were a spectacular sight in the carnival parade for Great Yarmouth Arts Festival and also featured in the Lord Mayors Parade in Norwich.  In fact the flag project was so popular that we were invited back the following year to make another set on the theme ‘The World Around Us

This project was part of the ‘City of Circus’ created by SeaChange Arts, Norwich Arts Centre, Lost in Translation Circus and Norwich City Council,

Photos are by Mike Johnston, more can be found HERE

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