From left - Daisy, Tallulah, Olivia and Sorcha at Wrabness beach credit Kevin Rushby

Dedham to Wrabness

Dedham to Wrabness Day Eleven Some mornings you wake up and the world flinches. It takes a good look and crosses the road to avoid contact. Friends and family do likewise. But today is not like that. Today is a day when everyone wants to chat. I open the campervan doors and Geraint and Gary, […]

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Ali and flags with unexplained wolf print

Shotley to Dedham

Shotley to Dedham Day Ten The rain is lashing down at the quayside in Shotley as the ferry to Hook of Holland bludgeons its way down the estuary and a lone swan serenely rides out the storm. We are not expecting a big turnout for the days 17 mile trek up the River Stour into […]

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Ipswich to Shotley

Ipswich to Shotley Day Nine Some days the wheels fall off. Your feet ache and it spreads to your calves which set off the hips and the old back ache kicks in. For a while the others in the group could occasionally be glimpsed, forging ahead, then I was alone. Then I missed the footpath […]

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Mile 98 by Jamie Limond

Sutton Hoo to Bawdsey

  Sutton Hoo to Bawdsey Day Seven Some days there is something in the air. In Borneo, when the hunters set out and see a snake eagle in their path, they turn back. They know the day will be a washout and best spent lying in a hammock. The Mayans would perform a human sacrifice. […]

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Orford Quay credit Mike Johnston

Orford Ferry to Sutton Hoo

Orford Ferry to Sutton Hoo Day Six We set out from Orford Quay in sunshine led by Harry, a Scotsman who’s lived in Suffolk for over 40 years. He tells me it’s really changed a lot: there’s the iron ore terminal and the power station; in fact, he barely recognises the place. It is only […]

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Mile 41 by Arabella Marshall

Halesworth to Aldeburgh

  Halesworth to Aldeburgh Day 3 Deep in the reed beds of Walberswick marshes a bird is calling vociferously, but I can’t see it. This is a world where you don’t see. The breeze sizzles through the reeds and the grasses whose tops are above eye level. The bird calls again. “It’s saying, ‘Oi, don’t […]

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