Neasden Temple Scrolls

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“The notion of creating these artistic stories enables the community to appreciate the cultural heritage that Hindus offer to the UK.
We are extremely grateful to Arts Council England for approving the grant and enabling women of all ages to learn a new skill and build their confidence via this creative medium.”
Rena Amin, volunteer at Neasden Temple

Kinetika was commissioned by the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, known also as the Neasden Temple, to create ten batik silk scrolls for International Women’s Day. Women from the BAPS National Women’s Forum attended special workshops at our studio to learn the batik process and create the scroll designs with the help of our silk painting experts.

Each design tells a story, highlighting the most important principles of their faith such as selfless service, knowledge and truth.

College and university students worked alongside accountants, doctors, chiropodists, and schoolgirls with 101 women and girls taking part overall.

Once finished the scrolls were displayed to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the International Women’s Day event at the temple, then toured other temples around the UK.

The fabric chosen for the scrolls was a special silk from Murshidabad in West Bengal. It has a richer texture and holds colour better than the more usual Chinese silk.

Photos by Mike Johnston, see more photos of the Neasden Temple Scrolls.


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Group photo from the silk batik workshop for Neasden Temple

Film credit: Your Thurrock Films.
Runtime: 6:09