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Unique Community Flags for Purfleet-on-Thames

Kinetika’s home town, Purfleet-on-Thames, is in the process of extensive redevelopment and working with developer Purfleet Centre Regeneration, a set of silk flags was created to celebrate the many groups and organisations who live and work there.

Kinetika artist Jacci Todd began by creating a design with the Purfleet-on-Thames Community Forum, a group who works tirelessly to promote the town and its people. Using the Forum’s logo and rope motifs, the flag celebrates the new name for town, which recently became Purfleet-on-Thames.

‘The rope background, lifebelt and centre design show the link between Purfleet and the River Thames … The centre design with sun, boat and river are from the forum’s logo. The bright coloured ring shows the bright future of an area that is on the rise.’ Trevor Batchelor, Vice-Chair of the Community Forum

For the rest of the flags, Purfleet groups were invited to the Kinetika studio to create designs that collectively celebrate the Purfleet community and tell the story of the area. The fantastic colourful results can be seen in images on this page below.

The flags are now a valuable community resource and are used to decorate community events and exhibitions in the area such as the T100 Walking Festival.

Ali Pretty, Artistic Director of Kinetika said: “It’s very exciting for us to have the chance to work closely with the communities in Purfleet and together play an active role in the town’s development as it evolves into an innovative creative hub on the banks of the Thames.

Flag depicting a sailing boat inside a life buoy surrounded by rope patterns for Purfleet-on-Thames Community Forum

Purfleet-on-Thames community flag designed by Jacci Todd


‘Kinetika has always put the community of Purfleet-on-Thames at the centre of its activity and, as we at Purfleet Centre Regeneration Limited (PCRL) always strive to do the same, we are delighted to be supporting their work.  We are determined to bring the Purfleet-on-Thames regeneration scheme together in partnership with the community to create a thriving environment, which creates not only new homes but also brings wider creative, healthy living, employment and educational opportunities for Purfleet-on-Thames.’ Ken Dytor PCRL founder


Photos by Mike Johnston with drone shots by Unique Imaging

Purfleet flags