The Platinum Jubilee Pageant


Artistic Directors: Ali Pretty & Jeanefer Jean-Charles

We are delighted to share that we were commissioned to create a section for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant.

Our section of the Pageant was a ‘Thank You’ to the Queen for 70 years of public service and a ‘Thank You’ to all those who selflessly contribute to society, looking after our communities and laying the foundation for a better life for generations to come. Learn more about The Thank You Dance over on our portfolio.

Together we presented a spectacular, visually stunning, and animated movement section of the pageant. Hundreds of performers adorned in silk, drawn from across generations from London, Milton Keynes, and Thurrock were part of this celebration.

Want to see the Thank You Dance again? The Thank You Dance will return to Thurrock later this June, as part of the finale for the T100 Festival 2022 and Port Open Day and will include all the Thurrock key workers that appeared on The Mall. See it in Tilbury on the 25th June from 1pm.

We thank our key workers from across Thurrock and Milton Keynes who came with us and held their scrolls high on The Mall. Please read some of their inspiring stories below.